Zombie Chronicles - Ep. 6 - Ain't Nuthin But A ZOMBIE Thing"

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Logline: A college student juggles school, family, friends, and relationships while living as a modern day zombie.

Synopsis: In an alternate universe, zombies are not the brain munching monsters we know them to be. They are the undead, living out regular lives, while feeling the limitations put on them by society. Zombies are simply people born with a specific DNA that allows for them to return from the dead once. Brian, who became a zombie when he died in a car crash at the age of six is constantly faced with having to prove himself while being judged by people who cling to outdated stereotypes of zombies. The toll of being a zombie in this world is mentally exhausting and Brian will need all the support and guidance he can get to see him through.

Make up by https://www.instagram.com/sweetiesglamcloset/

Music Written & Performed by DetailDaTruth @ https://www.instagram.com/mrarmour_/

Music Written & Performed by SP @ https://www.instagram.com/oleblocksp/

Music Composed by https://www.instagram.com/juk3b0xb3atz/

Music Mixed and Mastered by Jeury Campusano @ https://www.instagram.com/tro_juei/

Music Peformed by https://www.instagram.com/toledosfl/

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