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Did you know there's a Digital Rights Management implementation in every existing PS3 and PS4? Your access to your software hinges on an internal clock. Did you know this problem affects users with unmodified (Official Firmware) PlayStations? Watch this video before rushing over to the PlayStation Store to purchase PS3 games.

00:00 Introduction
02:20 Why are people just now talking about the CMOS DRM
03:54 What is the CMOS DRM issue and how does it block me from my digital games?
06:20 How does the CBOMB affect access to my PS4 Games?
06:44 Does the CBOMB prevent you from playing discs on PS3?
08:18 How to download PS3 digital content?
08:55 Did you know about Custom Firmware?
10:21 Why did you buy digital games in the first place?
12:18 Why didn't you contact Sony about the DRM issue?
14:30 Could Sony be sued for blocking digital content? (Legal Analysis)
18:44 Closing Remarks





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