YOUR PERSONAL WARZONE COACH! Breaking Down HIGH KILL Warzone Gameplay - Warzone Academy COD Coaching

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WARZONE ACADEMY is now adding on to its incredibly in-depth guides by beginning the new coaching series where we review gameplay together to learn how to improve our chances at victory!


► TWITCH: https://Twitch.tv/IceManIsaac

► TWITTER: https://Twitter.com/IceManIsaac_

► INSTAGRAM: https://www.Instagram.com/IceManIsaac_

► SCUF DISCOUNT: "Isaac" at checkout for 5% off (scuf.co/Isaac)


► MY GAMING/STREAMING/CAMERA GEAR: https://kit.co/IceManIsaac


Interested in having your gameplay reviewed?

1. Upload a video to YouTube

2. Direct message @IceManIsaac_ on Twitter with the URL

3. Follow IceManIsaac on Twitch so we can review the footage together

In the description of the YouTube video tell us:
- How long have you played shooters?
- How long have you played Battle Royales?
- What is your goal in Warzone (max kills, just win, etc.)?
- What is your current Warzone K/D ratio?
- What is your biggest strength in Warzone?
- What is your biggest weakness in Warzone?
- What do want to improve most from Warzone Academy?


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