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What's on your snack list for Chinese New Year? We taste everything from Mala Bak Kwa to Pandan Pineapple Tarts to pick out the best treats to get for CNY this year!

All products featured were done in a paid collaborations with the respective brands.

Introduction 00:00

1. Mdm Ling Bakery 00:48
Order via
IG: @mdmlingbakery
Exclusive Promo Code [MLBFOODKING] on till 28 Feb!

- Prestige Rose Gold Suitcase Treasures ($148)

2. Fyre Bak Kwa 05:16
Order via
IG: @
Exclusive Promo Code [NOC25] for 25% off Mala Xiang Guo till 20 Jan!

- Mala Xiang Guo $128
- The Original 1945 $118

3. Chng Kae 07:33
Order via
IG: @
Exclusive Promo Code [NOCHUAT25] on for 25% till 28 Feb!

- 大三元 - CNY 2888 Limited Edition (Bundle of 3) $

4. Kinohimitsu 11:12
Order via
IG: kinohimitsusg

Ginseng Bird’s Nest $ (Buy 1 Get 1 Free!)

5. Golden Moments 14:03
Order via
IG: @goldenmomentssg
Exclusive Promo Code [GMXFK10] for 10% off all products on till 15 Feb!

The Crystal QQ (6 pieces per box) USP: $ RSP: $
The Golden Bonbons Fruity Series (12 pieces per box) USP: $ RSP: $
The Golden QQ (12 pieces per box) USP: $ RSP: $

6. Wang Pai Scallop Snacks 17:41
Order via
IG: @
Exclusive Promo Code [NOC10] for 10% off all items on !

- Spicy Mushroom + Scallops Snack $
- Pork Shuddling + Pork Cracker Bundle (700g) $

Favourites 21:07

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