A Mystery Girl Photographed in Different Years Never Changed

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Do you like mysterious stories? Then check this one out. It all started in the Russian Empire over 100 years ago. Photography was already a thing back then, so there was nothing special in someone taking pictures of various historical buildings. Everything was quiet until very recently. A group of researchers noticed a small figure standing in some 20 photos. Researchers decided to investigate it, and soon they managed to improve the quality of pictures so much that the figure became quite detailed.

It was a girl of about 10 years, always appearing in the same clothes and standing with the same posture in every single photo. She’s wearing a white overcoat, a broad-brimmed hat, and boasting a long braid that’s always resting over her left shoulder. But the most surprising — if not sinister — feature of hers is that she’s never smiling... Most of the photos were anonymous, with just a few of them bearing cryptic initials: F.E.A.


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