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Indiegogo campaign, click here:
Moving into the next phase of Versus! The equipment I buy with this fund-raising will be used for the new shows I am planning for Versus 2.0!

You can buy tickets and book hotel rooms now at

Nervous because I've never crowd-funded before, but because of the sickness, I have no choice! If you want to check out, share, or support my

Here's what you need to know about this project!
I have always loved video games, but what I enjoy more is how they bring people together. Over the past 8 years, I have had the privilege of making hundreds of gaming videos and races, with friends, gaining around 100 million views. Now, I am evolving with the knowledge I learned to create a new era for Versus!

My goal for version 2.0 of my Youtube channel, Versus, is to make a channel that features new shows and videos with higher production value, more interesting ideas, and include new, talented people! In order to do this, I started an event called Versus Expo to bring people together to collaborate and do things much larger than what we can do from home alone over Discord.

This project is important to me because gaming saved my life, and the friends and community I made along the way have given me a new life and purpose that I would have never dreamed of. Through this project, I want to be able to provide a community that works with and cares for one another, and have us all come together for a great charitable cause!

What is the money that's donated going towards?

In order to pursue some of the ideas I have, I'm going to need some financial assistance. The money donated will go towards:

- Equipment; Sound Board, Microphones, Cameras, Speakers, and Lights
- Wages for editors and artists
- Hotel and event costs for Versus Expo
If we can't reach our goal, I will still be grateful for the help and continue pursuing these new ideas. Financial assistance will allow me to get there more quickly and efficiently!

What can you receive for donating?
We have several tiers you can donate at, every dollar helps in crowd-funding so everything is appreciated!

$5 - Special Thanks - Special thanks on the website with your name
$10 - Minecraft Server - You can access our Versus Expo Minecraft server where we'll have organized games and events all weekend!
$25 - Thank you card - I will write you a hand-written thank you note for your contribution
$50 - Exclusive VSX2020 T-shirt
$75 - Private Discord Call - After VSX I will have a Discord call with you for 10-15 minutes to talk about whatever you want, answer questions, and give content creation tips!

The Impact of Versus Expo will be powerful!

Versus Expo will eventually have the ability to help millions around the world! Here's how!

The main focus of the VSX Show is to raise money for charity! Our charity sponsor this year is Save the Children, which improves the lives of children through better education, health care, and economic opportunities, as well as providing emergency aid in natural disasters, war, and other conflicts.

This event will give the let's players, streamers, and online gamers a location to build up a strong community by coming together to have a ton of fun, make friends, host a cool event, and raise money for a good cause!

Risks & Challenges
There are a lot of risks and challenges that come with running an event and doing something of this size. Here's some reasons why I'm qualified to pursue this dream!

- I hosted our first event VSX2019 last year with a minimal budget to prove how dedicated I am to making all of this work. I wanted to prove myself before I asked my audience and the internet for an investment
- I've been an active part of this community for nearly 9 years now and know the ins and outs of a ton of aspects
- Hosted Versus panels at PAX East and West to test out ideas in front of crowds
- Assisted and implemented a lot of ideas at TRG Colosseum, another charity event I assist my friends with.
- Traveled to and volunteered at several conventions to build up experience and knowledge.

Other Ways To Help

If you can't contribute financially, it's okay! There's lots of other ways you can help us on our journey!

- Tell your friends, both online and in real life about the event and about what we're doing! Spread the word!
- Watch our livestream on July 10 - 12 at

We're having several segments this year where attendees will be able to participate in certain events and races. I do have a few open time slots this year though that I wanted to keep open for submissions! Fill out the following form to submit your idea for a race at VSX2020!

VOLUNTEER SIGN UP FORM: Yes! We'll need more volunteers online and on-site! If you're interested, fill out the following form.

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