The MOST NEEDED BUFFS For EVERY CHARACTER | Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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The Most Needed Buffs and Changes and Updates for Every Character in Super Smash Bros Ultimate is the topic I am covering. Gover over each and every fighter and what is so good about them all the way from Mario to Byleth the newest dlc fighter with his reaction trailer and all. Joker, Plant, Banjo and Kaozzie, Terry, Byleth, The Arms DLC Update, and all.

This video will tell you the worst move or my favorite thing about each and every character and how to use them / why they are overpowered op or busted. The worst things about every single character and how you can use them in a guide type format. This isnt a Top 5 Smash Bros Ultimate video.

Keep in mind Patch Updates change everything for #SmashUltimate and changes will always come but this is what I have to say for now with our current tier list and balance patch for tournament play and casual match gameplay.


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