The Downfall Secret Challenge Guide (All Trap Locations) - Fortnite

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The Downfall Secret Challenge Guide (All Trap Locations) - Fortnite

This is a secret challenge in Fortnite Battle Royale Season 4. The challenge is not actually listed anywhere in the game for you to track. To start the secret quest, you need to first visit the Lair landmark found just south of The Authority. Head downstairs, then go through the event to see the gnome. Doing this will complete "The Lair" section of the quest and reward you with 20,000 XP

Once you've done this, 5 traps will appear around the map that you will need to disarm. The locations for these are shown in the video, and you simply walk up to them and then hold interact to disarm. Doing this will complete the "The Traps" stage of the quest. For the last part, you need to destroy a gnome giving out newspapers. There are a few around the map. Doing this will complete "The Aftermath" and reward you with another 20,000 XP.


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