Shield Zombie & Robo-Cone & Mecha-Football - PvZ 2 Zombie VS Zombie

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Shield Zombie & Robo-Cone & Mecha-Football - PvZ 2 Plant VS Plant
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******Play List Gameplay******
PvZ 2 Zombie vs Zombie:
PvZ 2 Plant vs Plant:
PvZ 2 Short Video:
PvZ 2 All Plants VS All Zombies:

Mecha-Football Zombie is a mechanized walker maneuvered by a Future Zombie that appears in Far Future in Plants vs. Zombies 2. He packs one of the highest amounts of toughness, and when near a plant he can push it back one tile, and eventually out of the lawn. Any plants directly behind will also be pushed back, and the last plant on the left of the row will get flung off the lawn. Just like the other machines, he is vulnerable to which disables him for ten seconds.

Robo-Cone Zombie is a mechanized walker that appears in Far Future. It's health can withstand an attack from a single instant-kill plant (with exceptions like Electric Blueberry). A Plant Food powered blast from Citron can instantly kill it, although it blocks the plasma ball from the Citron and prevents zombies behind it from being damaged. Like the other robotic zombies, it uses its robotic arms to eat plants with its metal sharp teeth, instead of crushing it. This zombie has a slightly higher toughness than the Knight Zombie, Blockhead Zombie, and Jurassic Fossilhead but is also slightly slower.

Shield Zombie is a robotic zombie that appears in Far Future. It creates a non-damaging force field in front of itself, covering three lanes to protect itself and other nearby zombies from incoming attacks. However, can disable it and its force field and penetrating attacks can penetrate through the shield.

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