No DOCK? No PROBLEM in the Pacific Northwest's BEST KEPT SECRET...Port Gamble, WA! [NORDHAVN 43]

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Happy Sunday Funday!

Welcome back to our adventures in Port Gamble, hidden gem in the Pacific Northwest! Located near the Hood Canal Bridge, both the bay and the 170 year old logging town of Port Gamble are fantastic spots to explore. The anchorage is scenic, quiet, beautiful and close to a lot of interesting nooks and crannies. And the town makes you feel like you're right back in 1853 when it was founded due to restoration efforts to maintain its charm.

Although there's no marina, guest moorage space or dinghy dock, there's plenty of space on the nearby pebble beach to land a dinghy and explore all that the town has to offer. We enjoyed fantastic hiking, the iconic Port Gamble General Store, the locally owned WISH gift shop and a delicious eatery Scratch Kitchen. FYI, the clams are to DIE FOR!


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