Mikey Williams Vs Emoni Bates Came Down To The BUZZER! Best Game Of The Year FULL HIGHLIGHTS ????

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Mikey Williams vs Emoni Bates, the game we've all been waiting for! And of course DaBaby had to pull up!

Lake Norman vs Ypsi Prep was a battle for the ages like everyone expected. It was close from start to finish and both Mikey and Emoni did their thing. Mikey got hot from 3 in the 2nd half which may have been the difference. Emoni had a huge dunk in the 4th quarter but it wasn't enough in the end. Trey Green hit a clutch 3 down 2 points with under a minute left, and Emoni missed on the next possession. Amazing game though.

Check out the vid and watch the FULL pro cam highlights. I know this is better than video quality we usually put out (it's Tae's footage for Fear Nothing), hope y'all like it.

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