Marvin Herbert, Carlton Leach, Bernard O'Mahoney - Ministry of Sound Axe Attack Trailer

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In 1991, Marvin Herbert use to frequent The Ministry Of Sound. That was his gaff & he knew who ran the club. During one night at the venue, mutlipe incidents ensued resulting in a brutal confrontation involving multiple weapons, and an axe attack with Carlton Leach and his firm.

Cartlon Leach was a West Ham United fan, that became involved with the Inter City Firm (ICF). They where also known as football holligans. Carlton Leach worked as a bouncer in London, the Ministry Of Sounding being one of the music venues he worked at. He had previously worked with former UK Drug Kingpin Andrew Pritchard at Genisis raves. In 2007, a film based on his book was release "Rise of the Footsoldier."

Bernard O'Mahoney was security detail that later became associated with Tony Tucker, who was one of three of the Essex Boys that where murdered in a Range Rover

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