Lucasfilm Just Confirmed Hayden Christensen Return! (Star Wars Explained)

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Just today Lucasfilm announced hayden christensen and his return as darth vader and anakin skywalker for star wars the rise of skywalker and the star wars sequel trilogy now and lucasfilm are focused on their new star wars universe and new star wars movies. We will be going into some star wars leaks that will involve Hayden Christensen as anakin skywalker and star wars leak has to do with anakins return in the new universe. With the mandalorian chapter 15 spoilers as well as the mandalorian chapter 16 spoilers now out! fans are getting very excited. Without a doubt the mandalorian season 2 episode 7 spoilers that are out now are already changing star wars as we speak. Since the mandalorian chapter 13 ahsoka tano scene as well as the mandalorian chapter 14 boba fett have been looking forward to the mandalorian season 2 finale. With mace windu coming back in both the mandalorian season 4 and his own tv series on disney is just getting started with George Lucas and Jon favreau now. the mandalorian season 2 ending is also set to have a major reveal for another character in the franchise. So ypu it is indeed true that Hayden Christensen RETURNS to Star Wars for Obi-Wan Kenobi Series on disney plus. Lest not forget about the ahsoka tano star wars tv series labeled as star wars ahsoka that kathleen kennedy announced today as well as star wars andor which is filming right now. We also have the leslye healdand star wars tv series called star wars the acolyte that will focus on the high republic era. Star Wars Lando is also going to be the Lando Calrissian star wars series. Simply known as the lando series. Also star wars ranger of the new republic will take place within the timeline of the mandalorian series as well. Star Wars Rogue Squadron is also going to be a spin off star wars film apart from the star wars new trilogy in the works. The star wars lando show is one that i am looking forward to very much i must say. They also announced star wars a droid story that will play on disney plus. Star Wars visions is also goign to be another show coming to disney plus as well. The star wars rogue squadron movie is something that so many fans are looking forward to. Also fans are excited about the star wars the bad batch series as well. So yes Hayden is back in star wars!! many fans are excited moving forward. Star Wars the bad batch trailer was also a very big surprise to many.


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