Leo ♌️ They regret abandoning u, also new love coming in September 2020

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All readings found on this channel will be considered a general reading and not intended to resonate with everyone, these general readings will not be your traditional tarot readings these are oracle guidance used for spiritual growth and personal development clarified by tarot energies.

General readings are subject to my own interpretations of your current situation and most likely future outcome therefore, these messages are not meant to be taken seriously nor will they take the place of any health or legal related advice.

I specialize in love and relationship guidance for those who desire clarity on their situations. I am neither a counsellor or legal advisor.

For better clarity please be sure to check out other signs in your birth chart if you feel your sun sign doesn’t resonate for your general reading. These general readings are for entertainment purposes only and solely at your own risk.

(I currently am not doing any personal readings).

To find out how to calculate your birth chart the link will be listed below.

How to contact me for business inquiries only:

Email: luminousmoochie111@

Instagram : luminousmoochie

For donations: Submit payments through


Cashapp: luminousmoochie

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