King Parrot - Nor Is Yours - ft Phil Anselmo (audio)

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Visit: to add on digital platforms and pre-order limited edition 7" vinyl and merchandise. Taken from the forthcoming EP - Holed Up In The Lair - October 9th 2020.
Housecore Records - North America
Agonia Records - Europe/UK
Dead Set Records/Artist First/InGrooves - Australia/ROW

King Parrot:
Squiz - Guitar
Mr White - Guitar
Toddy - Drums
Slatts - Bass
Youngy - Vocals

Ground to a stop in spasms
Warring little bullshit agonies
Nor is yours
Fuck off

The flotsam of weakling casting
Shaved off and obliterated
Nor is yours

Recognize the blood

The dimming recollection of glory
Defeated five to three
Nor is yours
Fuck off

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