HYPNO SHROOM & All Plants Max Level VS 999 Medusa Zombie - PvZ 2 Gameplay

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HYPNO SHROOM & All Plants Max Level VS 999 Medusa Zombie - PvZ 2 Gameplay
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******Play List Gameplay******
Plants VS Zombies 2 Tournament
Plants VS Zombies 2 Discovery
Plants VS Zombies 2 Zombie vs Zombie:
Plants VS Zombies 2 Plant vs Plant:

******INFO ALL ZOMBIE & All Plants******
Zombie Medusa is a zombie that can only be encountered in Penny's Pursuit in Plants vs. Zombies 2. She pushes large mounds of stone that contains a Bust Head Zombie in a similar manner to Troglobite and Arcade Zombie. She is also able to instantly petrify hypnotized zombies as well as Zoybean Pod's zomboids and replace them with a stone slab that absorbs plant attacks.

Hypno-shroom is a single-use mushroom who is a premium plant that can be purchased with 100 gems. He is tied to Dark Ages Part 1.

Hypno-shroom converts the zombie that eats him to the player's side, causing it to turn around to attack other zombies and damageable grid objects. The zombie retains its current health, and in some cases, special abilities when converted. He doesn't affect zombies that do not eat him. Zombie Chickens and Ice Weasels will be hypnotized without damaging him.

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