How To Become A Nuclear Zombie at Prison / Hospital & Bombardment The DAM! Verdansk is now a WARZONE

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How To Become A Nuclear Zombie at Prison | Hospital & Bombardment The DAM! Verdansk is now a WARZONE

Zombies are now loose when you die in the gas at Prison and we finally get to 100% on the terminals!!! Warzone is coming soon!

ME and Mr Middi check oath new zombie machine located at the Dam and now it bombards the Dam instead of the Superstore.

When you die the gas at Prison or Shipwrecked you now turn into a real life ZOMBIE! With this you can use your speaicla ability ti jump over buildings and use your gas nades to mess up your victims !
How to become a zombie in warzone? Where are the Zombies at Dam? How do you get the yellow keycard at dam?

Hospital is now covered in gas with TV Station, Downtown Bank and Superstore to follow up until the 21st of April with the drop of Warzone !

I hope you enjoy the video about the Dam and recent changes to the gas at Prison and Shipwreck, I do my best not to use the meta weapons like the Aug, MP5, FFAR and M16 but instead work our new ways to play and make Call Of Duty Warzone guides with friends. Each video I try something new in COD and do my best bring you the latest tips and tricks within out beloved game once a week. I don't use the Roze skin nor to I hack or reverboost. Big shout out to my biggest inspirations Mr Middi, Bobbypoffgaming, ExoGhost, Swagg, JGOD and PrestigeIsKey.

I'm a proud content creator exclusive for Katana Gaming and highly recommend joining their discord and follow them on Twitter. If you are you motivated by competitive Call Of Duty go follow them - "JoinKatana".

My channel is all about Easter Eggs, Warzone updates, map changes, unlocking gold through to Damascus and Dark Matter Ultra camos as well as some Zombies content mixed in. Black Ops Cold War is my new home, but my real aim is to find the best attachments and class setups way before the meta and do my best to share the loadouts with you with some help from my subscribers.

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