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Love Thy Woman: Week 19 Recap - Part 1
Love Thy Woman: September 7, 8, and 9, 2020 Episodes

The Wongs and Estrellas find their long-standing feud renewed when the topic of Adam's (Christopher de Leon) inheritance enters the picture. Haunted by the reality of sharing her late husband'l s wealth, Lucy (Eula Valdez) boils with rage when Bossing (Richard Manabat) dares to take his piece of the pie using Harry (David Chua), who is apparently still alive. Refusing to go back to prison, Lucy is left with no choice but to strike a deal with the syndicate leader. Getting ready to move on with their lives, Kai (Sunshine Cruz) and Jia (Kim Chiu) receive a shocking update about their long-lost beloved.

Lucy panics when Harry is rushed to the hospital after Bossing's assassination attempt against him. Learning the horrific ordeals that Harry went through, Kai becomes driven to attain justice for her embattled brother. Terrified by the possibility of living her life behind bars, Lucy scrambles to find a way to get herself and Dana out of the mess she created.

Incensed by Lucy's cruel acts against Harry, Kai declares her intent to file a case against Adam’s wicked widow. In retaliation, Dana visits Jia to rain down insults and threats against her. On the day of the reading of Adam's will, David tries to talk some sense into Dana.

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Recap Cast:
Christopher de Leon (Adam Wong) / Eula Valdez (Lucy Wong) / Sunshine Cruz (Kai Estrella) / Yam Concepcion (Dana Wong) / Xian Lim (David Chao) / Kim Chiu (Jia Estrella) / Zsa Zsa Padilla (Helen Chao) / Ruffa Gutierrez (Amanda Del Mundo) / Karl Gabriel (Gab Del Mundo) / JJ Quilantang (Michael Wong-Chao) / Dominic Ochoa (Simon Cruz) / Bernard Carritero (Macario Yalung) / Richard Manabat (Bossing) / David Chua (Harry Estrella)

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