HARDCORE AUTO-CHESS ROGUELIKE!! | Let's Try: Despot's Game | Gameplay Preview

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WISHLIST Despot's Game on Steam:

Despot’s Game is a rogue-like tactics with turbo charged battles. Build a team and sacrifice the heck out of them to rush through and other players!

The Let's Try series is a way to preview / review games in order to get my first impressions through the first moments of gameplay.

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Despot’s Game is a tactics rogue-like with turbo charged battles. Build a team and sacrifice the heck out of them to rush through and other players!

Hail to the Despot!
Humanity is enslaved by an AI named Despot and locked in a huge labyrinth prison. It's time to fight back! Unite the pitiful remnants of mankind and crush your way to freedom.
Prepare your pretzels
Your pathetic squad is capable of much more. Choose your loot and transform the squishy prisoners into wizards, cultists, ninjas and dozens of the heroes, including the mythical withered pretzel throwers. With perks and class combos, there are thousands of ways to build your invincible army.

Crush your rivals
Tired of destroying the Despot's minions? Find and eliminate other players’ armies in asynchronous multiplayer! Excessive aggression is one of the reasons why humanity was enslaved by Despot, but who cares?
Indirect combat
Prepare your warriors and let them fight on their own! Indirect combat allows you to focus heavily on tactics decisions, not reflexes. Take care of your champions and sacrifice the weakest in the name of victory!

Endless exploration
Dungeons generate new obstacles and opportunities for each playthrough. Uncover all the Despot’s secrets and explore every corner of his realms - you are not the only prisoner looking for revenge!


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