Halloween Unlimited Bangers CRASH HIGHLIGHTS: King's Lynn Banger Racing 2020

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Crash highlights of the Unlimited Banger Racing Halloween meeting at the King's Lynn Adrian Flux Arena on 31st October 2020.

Filmed with this camcorder:


PF Racing Media proudly provides coverage of banger racing events across the UK and occasional general motorsport videos. As well as our video coverage we upload photos to our Facebook and Instagram pages:

Banger racing is a form of full contact motorsport where there is often awards for both the race winner and best crasher, as well as sometimes other awards including the best wrecked (driver with the most destroyed car) and special awards for unique or well presented cars. While similar in concept to demolition derby's in the USA, banger racing takes place on an oval course where the speeds are typically much higher and therefore the hits are much harder. While there are awards and sometimes small cash prizes on offer, most drivers choose to race for the thrill or to entertain the crowd. Banger Racing is popular in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Holland and Belgium.

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