grwm for a date !!

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take her swimming on the first date AMIRITE ???? // welcome back to the vlog! let's do a lil get ready with me, open a bunch of mail, and try to become Jennifer Garner in 13 Going on 30
???????? OPEN ME ????????

hey friends! welcome back to the vlog! It's been a hot minute since I've posted daily life content on this channel-- so I thought it would be fun to just do a casual lil catch up!! today, we're gonna open some mail and go on a completely unwarranted rant about independence. woo hoo!

learn more about the most exclusive, nerdiest musical theatre event of the spooky season !

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???? Main Channel: Katherine Steele

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If you're new here, HI! I'm Katherine Steele, but you can call me Kat. This is my 2nd channel, PARTY AT KAT'S! On this channel, you'll find vlogs, makeup, fashion, travel, food, lifestyle, Q+As, and probably some theatre-y stuff too. When I'm not on YouTube, I'm a professional musical theatre & screen actress and made-for-TV series host! So stick around, it's going to be a fun time!


FTC: This video was not sponsored. Some links may be affiliate ♡

???? BRANDS & COMPANIES: If you're interested in working with me, please email me at KatherineSteeleYT@

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