First day in City Rope Frog Ninja Hero Walkthrough all Weapons Powers Mission Game play Hindi Mod #1

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In this amazing video you will see Best World Tour Game Play of Rope Frog Ninja Hero - Strange gangster vegas
you'll see all amazing Powers like Antigravity, Anti Gravity Zone, BlackHole, Black Hole mereor, Freezing Mine, Frost Bomb, Ice Arrow, Eye Laser Beam, Shield Barrier, Storm, Tornado and many more that comes in new update of Rope frog ninja hero.
husky dada became our best friend and he told us that there are a lot of New things like Skateboard shop, dress shop, barber shop and weapon shop are also there, there are amazing and cool skateboards in shop, skate board can perform many stunts.
In shorts this video will give you a Complete Walkthrough of Assissan Games Best 50M+ Open world Game Rope Frog Ninja Hero

Rope Frog Ninja Hero - Strange gangster vegas
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NOTE:- The game showed in the video is a product of "Assassin Games".


This is a game play video made for entertainment purpose only for gamers Audience. No any harmful contents in this video. Its just for fun and entertainment only.
NOTE:- All the images/pictures/video/music/dialogues shown in the video belongs to the respected owners and not me. I'm not the owner of any above defined thing showed in the videos.

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