Fear Of The Dark - Iron Maiden - Violin & Guitar - Golden Salt

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"Fear of the Dark" arranged and performed on violin and electric guitar by Golden Salt duo. Original music by Iron Maiden.
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Hi friends! Thank you so much for listening to our "Fear of the Dark" instrumental cover, we really love this masterpiece by Iron Maiden! We think that a great piece need to take place in a great location, so we like to shoot this video in the fascinating iron cast FONDERIA GALARDI, in Florence, Italy.

GALARDI FOUNDRY is the last artisan iron foundry in Florence, a wonderful place full of art and magic. Our biggest thanks go to Omero and Chiara, who welcomed us into the flames of their magical place, allowing us to make this video, blending the art of fire with that of our instruments, violin and electric guitar. We could not have imagined a more beautiful place to bring this cover of Iron Maiden and their masterpiece Fear Of The Dark to life. Thank you.

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"Fear of the Dark" istrumental cover by Golden Salt (Violin & Electric Guitar).
Violinist: Arianna Mazzarese.
Guitarist: Eleonora Loi.
Recorded in Golden Salt Studio, Florence, Italy.
Mastering: Massimo D’amato
Original music by Iron Maiden

Golden Salt Production - All Rights Reserved
Written and directed by Golden Salt
Director Of Photography: Ila Little Sheeps
Make up by Stefania Ciuffini http://www.stefaniaciuffini.it/
Hair Stylist: Cristina Frosecchi
Photographer: Matteo Cecconi
Logistic: G. Mazares
Location: Fonderia Galardi, Florence, Italy

© 2020 Golden Salt

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