EPIC Cinematic Drums from White Noise ????| A Sound Design Tutorial

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***Open me, DAWg***
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Howdy doody, frienderoonies! Today we're here for some sound design fun using UVI Falcon 2 to create some awesome cinematic drums using only some noise and a bit of clever processing!

This trick can be done in any DAW with any synth that offers noise and a filter, so feel free to follow along with Serum, Vital, or whatever your synth of choice may be.

This is a super fun way to add some huge drums to your next track or just some general cinematic flair to your next build up or intro or whatever you might be doing.

0:00​ Howdy
1:17​ What You'll Need
1:41​ Final Result Examples
2:12​ My 4 Categories of Sound
5:15​ Initial Patch Setup
7:21​ Filtering
9:13​ The Importance Of EQ
10:48​ Enhancing With FX
12:03​ Reverb And Convolution
15:08​ My Final Instruments
16:55​ Closing Thoughts

Stay classy!

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