Emotions Perfume by Soundly - Sound Good. Smell Great.

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Discover Emotions, a new perfume from Soundly - the complete sound effects platform for Mac & PC.

Emotions is designed for editors, mixers, and anyone responsible for bringing pictures to life with sound.

"Our users already sound pretty good, but wouldn't it be nice if they smelled equally great? That's what we set out to do with Emotions", said Erling Hoff, marketing guru at Soundly.

"We've had lots of stupid ideas, but our perfume is sure to be a hit," said Peder Jørgensen, Lead Developer and co-founder at Soundly. "Who else can make you sound this good and smell this great at the same time? Who? Yes, my point exactly."

With a bright top note of citrus and jasmine, and a base of rich spices, the fragrance echoes a statement of bold density and sparkling energy. Mids of mint give the fragrance a round heart, rendering a scent that resonates both inside and outside the studio.

To experience real Emotions, Soundly Pro subscribers can enter a free prize draw to win a limited edition bottle of Soundly Emotions Eau de Parfum:

For more information on Soundly, the complete sound effects platform for Mac & PC:

Marius Rolfsvåg: Scriptwriter, Producer, Director, Editor
Martin Alslie: Producer
Main idea: Erling Hoff
Mattias Pollakk: Photo
Cast: Jonathan Tufvesson, Siri Black Ndiaye (Instagram: @Ssiriblack), Peder Jørgensen
Joachim Nilsen: Colour grading
Audio Mix: Christian Schaanning
Stunts: Jon Fredrik Weldingh
Stills: Kim Hvashovd

Soundtrack: The Holy Mountain - Who Goes There?

Spotify link:

Apple Music link:

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