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The Super Pops in double trouble and have to battle against two bunglers this time? Mizeree and Dr. WhoDoo are at it again with their bad voodoo dolls but this go around it’s not the Rap Pops in jeopardy. Dr. WhoDoo’s enchanted marionette puppet magically traps the pop squad in the circus. The Super Pops become clowns, tightrope walkers and more. Will the power of song set them free from the big show or will they be trapped under the bungler’s double trouble spell for good? Plus, the Official Music Video Double Trouble Song and Dance from the Super Pops, Pop Stars with Superpowers. Videos for Teens.


All Original Super Pops Totally TV Series with Jenn Barlow as Majesty and Jess, Laura Elizabeth Hall as Chloe and Cosmic Pop, Adam Rodney as Cheshire and Chad, Gabby Shaikh as Gia and Glow Pop, Danielle Sappleton as Georgia and Gold Pop, Katie Davison as Celeste, Anne Clark as Mizeree, with Andre Meyers as Dr. WhoDoo.

Super Pops Original Song – “Double Trouble” downloadable on Apple iTunes and Google Play Music by Adam Ilami.

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