Chatting with Lady C - The Crown/Netflix & fiction v fact/Diana/Charles/disloyal staff & kids/Jungle

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???????? Book order:

In the sixty-seventh episode Lady Colin Campbell and Misha discuss The Crown and how it intermingles fiction with fact; how its makers are not royalists; how Harry and Meghan are predicted to adhere to Netflix despite the growing feeling in royal circles that The Crown has veered too much away from the facts; why there is such a gap between Lady C's perceptions and those of Diana's former butler Paul Burrell; what having servants is really like; whether they ever are really as much in the know as disloyal servants claim to be; and conclude by touching upon the new series of I'm a Me Out of Here, with Lady C expressing surprise at how complimentary Ant & Dec were about her in last week Sunday's I'm A Celebrity Special, as well as how prominently they featured her.




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