CALL OF DARK SOULS // Dark Souls Gun Mod in First Person // Dark Souls 3 Gun Mod FPS!

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Dark Souls Gun Mod in First Person // Dark Souls with guns!!
A fantastic mod for Dark Souls 3 has appeared online and to put it simply it replaces all the crossbows in Dark Souls 3 with fully automatic, assault rifles... Dark Souls with guns really needs to be seen to be believed!

This Dark Souls gun mod / Dark Souls 3 machine gun mod can be found over at the Nexus mod site and if you're a fan of Dark Souls you have to check it out! By using the Dark Souls 3 gun mod each crossbow in the game is replaced with a different assault rifle. In this video showcasing some Dark Souls with guns mod I play with the M16, AK-47 & a full automatic shotgun. All fire crossbow bolts instead of bullets but it's still baffling to see...

If you want to take the Dark Souls meets Call of Duty experience one step further however you can team this Dark Souls machine gun mod with the Dark Souls 3 first person mod for MAXIMUM IMMERSION! Running these two modifications together requires you to use cheat engine so be careful if you chose to replicate this Dark Souls first person shooter experience, you're likely to get banned if you don't take the proper precautions!

Everything you need for the Dark Souls guns mod / Dark Souls 3 gun mod can be found here:

You also need this:

And if you want first person then you also need to go here:

And you also need cheatengine from here:

If you need any help setting it up just drop me a comment down below, don't forget to hit subscribe and leave me a like =D

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