2019 DANCE HITS (Tala, Kill This Love, Dip, Boy With Luv and more!!!) // Andree Bonifacio

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Hey, guys! To kick-off the year, here are just some of the songs we all danced to in 2019. There are still so much more not listed her, but to do all of them would leave me out of breath! Some of these songs came out before 2019 but were such big hits last year. Huge, huge shout-out to Tala by Ate Sarah Geronimo which came out in 2015 but became the anthem of the year! Happy New Year, everyone! ????

Songs in order of appearance:

Love Shot by EXO 엑소
Woah by Krypto9095
Switch It Up by Lavaado
Old Town Road by Lil Nas X
Dalla Dalla 달라달라 by ITZY 있지
Dip by Ranz and Niana ft. Lavaado
Boy With Luv '작은 것들을 위한 시 by BTS 방탄소년단 ft. Halsey
Kill This Love 댄스커버 by Blackpink 블랙핑크
Pauwi Na Ako by O.C Dawgs ft. Yuri Dope and Flow-G
Chicken Noodle Soup by J-Hope ft. Becky G
Tala by Sarah Geronimo

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